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Forensic Expert Witness - Premises Liability, Negligent Security and Background Screening

STEVEN C. MILLWEE, CPP, has been a leading expert witness for 45 years. Mr. Millwee is a board-certified subject matter expert who provides nationwide forensic security expert witness services in numerous areas of premises liability and negligent security.

Areas of expertise involve the reasonable standard of care in Security Management, Premises Liability, Background Checks, Negligent Hiring, Retention, and Supervision, Retail Security, Security Guards, Nightclub Security, Apartment Security, Retail Shopping Center and parking lot security, and the adequacy of company policy and procedures.

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Description automatically generatedMr. Millwee is rated highly by his peers as a leading nationwide security expert who can connect to jurors. He is the President and CEO of SecurTest, Inc., founded in 1978. Millwee is the creator of The SecurTest System, which includes over 300 applicant and employment questionnaires. He is also a co-author of “The Threat from Within: Workplace Violence” with labor attorney John-Edward Alley. Mr. Millwee is the inventor of three background screening patents.

Mr. Millwee provides forensic expert witness support for both plaintiff and defense firms. His reports, exhibits, ability to communicate complex issues, such as foreseeability, and his deposition and trial experience make him a leader in his field. Mr. Millwee is a past president of ASIS International, the leading professional association for security professionals. He helped found the ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission and helped form the basis of many ANSI-approved standards, such as risk assessment, physical security, security officer hiring and training, and workplace violence.

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Expert Witness Categories

• Negligent Security

• Background Screening

• Premises Liability

• Negligent Hiring

• Apartment Complex and Multi-Family Unit Security

• Security Management

• Shopping Center Security

• Investigations

• Failure to Warn

• Sexual Assault

• Loss Prevention

• Homicide and Violence

• Negligent Retention and Supervision

• Crime Analysis

• Workplace Violence

• Domestic Violence

• Child Abuse and Endangerment

• Homicide

• Assault

• Bar and Nightclub Security

 What Trial Attorneys Say About Steve Millwee

"I have tried hundreds of cases the last three decades all over the country on all types of legal matters. Having a great expert on the key issues in dispute is critical.  Steve Millwee is as good as it gets for a workplace violence case.  He has incredible credentials, is very thorough, and presents very well to a lay jury.  His testimony in my case resulted in a good verdict for our client on a matter that may very well have been lost without his involvement, particularly when we were dealing with a very conservative court in a very conservative jurisdiction”. Brent W. Coon, Esquire - Board Certified-Civil Trial Law (NBTA)

"There is no shortage of experts. But the best have the ability to comprehend the entire case, to analyze the testimony of every witness and to articulate opinions in a strong, yet clear manner that juries are able to believe. This best defines Steve Millwee.  His dynamic presentation skills are unparalleled. In one instance, Steve’s questions forced the opposing expert’s testimony to differ from his report, and he came to agree with Steve, which proved pivotal in resolving the case in my client’s favor.” James Glober, a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney

"It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for educating me on so many levels.  I hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the future.  Please also feel free to use our firm as a reference although with your credentials I doubt you ever need one.” Clayton J. Fitzsimmons, Esq. - FITZSIMMONS LAW FIRM PLLC

"I have been an attorney for over 17 years and worked with many expert witnesses. The key in a premises liability case is having the best expert that can explain foreseeability and negligent security. Steve Millwee is the best expert in this field, bar none. His incredible credentials, background in security management, law enforcement experience, and thorough collection and analysis of the facts was detailed in a comprehensive 40-page report. The opposing expert didn’t hold a candle to Millwee. Millwee uncovered facts that we didn’t know, including how the Defendants had failed to disclose the poor lighting on the night the victims were attacked in the mall parking lot. Mr. Millwee provided detailed opinions about foreseeability, including the proximity of prior crimes, recency of prior crimes, similarity of prior crimes, frequency of prior crimes, and publicity of prior crimes. This case may have never been resolved, if not lost without Steve Millwee’s premises liability acumen”.  Lynda Sorel Brennan, Esquire - Boca Raton, Florida

PODCAST Workplace Sexual Harassment and Assault – Listen to ASIS interview of Mr. Millwee

Industry Leader

Mr. Millwee is a former president of ASIS International (2002) and chairman of the Board of Directors (2003). ASIS International, formerly American Society for Industrial Security, is the leading professional organization for security professionals and executives.

Mr. Millwee is an internationally known expert in security, premises liability, foreseeability, human resource screening, employee theft and fraud, workplace violence, interview and interrogation. He is Board Certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through ASIS International. The CPP distinction demonstrates a significant level of competency in the security profession through arduous testing, background qualifications, and the promotion of high standards of professional conduct.

Mr. Millwee lectures nationally on human resource and security issues. He lectures with the Council On Education In Management, American Society for Industrial Security, National Safety Council, Building Owners Management Association, Society for Human Resource Management, Institute of Business Law (California State University, Los Angeles) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), among others. He has also addressed the National Food Service Security Council on workplace violence prevention and employment practices. Mr. Millwee’s highly rated lectures include the screening of applicants and employees, workplace violence, premises liability, negligent security, defusing disgruntled and violent workers, domestic violence, negligent security, employee theft, fraud prevention, employee investigations, hostage survival, robbery survival, negligent hiring and retention, interview, and interrogation, leadership development, and written testing. Mr. Millwee has authored chapters in the comprehensive IBL Employment Regulations manual about employment practices and workplace violence.

Mr. Millwee’s expertise and techniques are in every edition of Best Business Practices, published by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International.) A well-published author, his most recent articles include:

Fair and Neutral – Conducting Sexual Harassment Investigation to determine Fact from Fictions. Security Management Magazine (March 2018)

Successful Strategies for Mitigating and Managing Workplace Violence Threats - Loss Prevention Media (January 2018)

Identity Management Systems Verify Employee Background Screening Checks. Securityinformed.com (April 2017)

Holistic Threat Assessment Strategies – Mitigating and Managing Threats and Acts of Violence!  LossPrevention (July/August 2013)

How Security Executives Can Leverage Expert Witnesses.  Security Magazine.  (July 2012)

Spillover - When Workplace Violence Spreads Into the Public Domain. Security Magazine.  (May 2012

Sitting in the Hot Seat: Healthcare Security to the Witness Stand.  Journal for Healthcare Protection Management (January 2007, Volume 23, Number 1)

LP’s Role in Preventing Workplace Violence. Loss Prevention Magazine (March 2006)

Security inside the Door in Preventing Workplace Violence. ASIS International Virtual Forum Online presentation (March 2006)

Workplace Violence Prevention – How to Defuse the Threat of Workplace Violence. Food Marketing Institute Annual Conference presentation (January 2006)

Hiring to Firing – Legal Aspects for Screening, Retention and Termination. International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection Annual Seminar presentation (November 2005)

Workplace Violence Prevention: How to Defuse the Threat of Workplace Violence. International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection Annual Seminar presentation (November 2005)

How to Contact Mr. Millwee

(800) 445-8001 - Email (813) 310-0670 Cell

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