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Steven C. Millwee, CPP, President and CEO. Steve is the founder, president, and CEO of SecurTest. Since launching the company on August 22, 1978, he has proven himself a leader in the background screening industry. Formerly with the FBI, former head of the unsolved murder unit of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, and a past president of ASIS, his peers consider him an industry icon in background screening, workplace violence prevention and intervention, and security. He invented the patented iReviewNow System and designed over 330 tests that screen applicants or employees for admitted behaviors. Click Here to learn how Steve founded SecurTest over 40 years ago leading to his induction in the USF Wall of Fame. Click here to read Mr. Millwe's full bio.

Steve is not only an expert witness in background screening, negligent security, hiring, and workplace violence,, but he is also considered one of the world's leading experts on workplace violence prevention and intervention, as well as crisis management. He consults with organizations on employee misconduct, focusing on issues such as sexual harassment, theft, fraud, and management and employee training. Steve is considered one of today's most dynamic, highest-rated speakers on background screening, workplace violence, homicide, criminal investigations, interview techniques, and security. Steve is listed in Who’s Who In Leading American Executives and was the founding member of the editorial board for Loss Prevention Professional. He has testified as an expert witness in the fields of workplace violence, negligent hiring, retention, screening, security, polygraph, and police procedures. He is a crisis management consultant to many American corporations when conducting violence and threat assessments. Steve is the author of two custom threat assessment questionnaires: SecurViolence and SecurThreat.


An adjunct college instructor for over eight years, Steve taught at St. Petersburg Junior College, the Florida Institute for Law Enforcement and the Tampa Police Academy. While a college instructor, he was certified through The Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training. He is a nationally known expert in human resource screening, employee theft and fraud, workplace violence, interview and interrogation. He is Board Certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through ASIS International. The CPP distinction demonstrates a significant level of competency in the security profession through arduous testing, background qualifications, and the promotion of high standards of professional conduct. Steve lectures internationally on human resource and security issues. He lectures with the Council On Education In Management, ASIS International, National Safety Council, Building Owners Management Association, Society for Human Resource Management, Institute of Business Law (California State University, Los Angeles) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), among others. He has also addressed the National Food Service Security Council on workplace violence prevention and employment practices. Steve’s highly rated lectures include the screening of applicants and employees, workplace violence, defusing disgruntled and violent workers, domestic violence, negligent security, employee theft, fraud prevention, employee investigations, hostage survival, robbery survival, negligent hiring and retention, interview and interrogation, leadership development, and written testing. Steve has authored chapters in the comprehensive IBL Employment Regulations manual about employment practices and workplace violence.

Steve’s expertise and techniques are listed in each edition of "Best Business Practices", published by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). A well-published author, his most recent articles include: "Sexual Misconduct Investigations - Fact v. Fiction!" Security Management Magazine; Holistic Threat Assessment Strategies – Mitigating and Managing Threats and Acts of Violence!" Loss Prevention Magazine; “How Security Executives Can Leverage Expert Witness.” Security Magazine; “Spillover - When Workplace Violence Spreads Into the Public Domain” Security Magazine; “Sitting in the Hot Seat: Healthcare Security to the Witness Stand.” Journal for Healthcare Protection Management; “LP’s Role in Preventing Workplace Violence.” Loss Prevention Magazine; and “Security inside the Door in Preventing Workplace Violence.ASIS International Virtual Forum.

Before founding SecurTest, Steve was the lead detective in the Unsolved Murder Unit of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida. He was responsible for all murder investigations that remained unsolved over six months. Steve formerly was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. and served in law enforcement for seven years. In over 40 years of helping corporations and government agencies defuse hostile or threatening employees, no incidents of retaliatory violence have occurred using the methods and counsel offered by Steve. Moreover, The SecurTest System has never been successfully challenged in court as it obtains biographical confessions from the consumer on topics relevant to the business instead of attempting to predict future behavior. He has over 47 years of experience in interview, interrogation, investigations, testing, and management. He holds a BA from the University of South Florida in Criminology.

An Industry Leader

Steve is a former president of ASIS International (2002) and Chairman of the Board (2003). ASIS International (formerly American Society for Industrial Security) is the leading professional organization for certified security professionals and executives. Click on the Video Start button to hear Steve talk about being named to the 2013 University of South Florida's Wall of Fame.

What Attorneys Say About Mr. Millwee

“I have tried hundreds of cases in the last three decades all over the country on all types of legal matters. Having a great expert on the key issues in dispute is critical.  Steve Millwee is as good as it gets for a workplace violence case.  He has incredible credentials, is very thorough, and presents very well to a lay jury.  His testimony in my case resulted in a good verdict for our client on a matter that may very well have been lost without his involvement, particularly when we were dealing with a very conservative court in a very conservative jurisdiction." Brent W. Coon, Esquire - Board Certified-Civil Trial Law (NBTA) - Board Certified-Personal Injury Trial Law (TBLS)“It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for educating me on so many levels.  I hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the future.  Please also feel free to use our firm as a reference although with your credentials I doubt you ever need one.” Clayton J. Fitzsimmons, Esq. - FITZSIMMONS LAW FIRM PLLC

“There is no shortage of experts. But the best have the ability to comprehend the entire case, to analyze the testimony of every witness and to articulate opinions in a strong, yet clear manner that juries are able to believe. This best defines Steve Millwee.  His dynamic presentation skills are unparalleled. In one instance, Steve’s questions forced the opposing expert’s testimony to differ from his report, and he came to agree with Steve, which proved pivotal in resolving the case in my client’s favor.” James Glober, a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Raymond H. Humphrey, CPP, Chairman of the Board Raymond serves as the Chairman of the Board to SecurTest. He is an internationally recognized leader in the security-risk management field with extensive experience at the most senior levels of government and the industry. Ray evaluates homeland security preparedness, deterrence, business continuity, consequence management, introduction of leading-edge security technology and similar initiatives at the municipal, state and organizational levels within the United States and other countries. Ray is a former White House Fellow and retired as a Colonel following 20 years of service in the U.S. Army. He remains the only individual to have served as both President of ASIS International and the International Security Management Association (ISMA). He has been a mentor to Steve Millwee, our CEO, for over thirty years.
Christine Millwee, Chief Financial Officer - Christine co-founded SecurTest when it became a separate corporation and has served as the Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer of SecurTest, Inc. since that time. Her financial leadership has been the foundation for the SecurTest's solid growth for over 28 years. A criminologist and business development expert, Christine brings experience and insight from both the government federal law enforcement sector and private industry. She was also inducted into the Unversity of South Florida Wall of Fame for her expertise and contributions to criminology and background screening.

Michael L. Yoder, CFI, Executive Vice President - Mike is our Chief Compliance Officer ensuring compliance with all federal and state laws or regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Mike retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2017 after 20+ years as a Supervisory Special Agent and with 11 years of military service as an officer in the U.S. Army (Armor Branch).  As an Armor officer, Mike commanded two companies – an M1 tank company and a Recruiting company.  Mike is a West Point graduate.

As a Special Agent in the FBI, Mike worked Asian Organized Crime investigations involving Asian gangs and forced prostitution of illegal aliens; Drug trafficking investigations on a DEA OCDETF task force investigating South American and Mexican drug traffickers; and online undercover operations targeting Internet-related sexual exploitation of children.  Mike led the Safe Child Task Force in Atlanta, Georgia and was the coordinator of a group of agents and local police officers dedicated to investigating online child sex offenders and those engaged in child pornography.


In 2009, Mike was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and was assigned to work as a criminal profiler in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit 3 (Crimes Against Children) where he provided behavioral guidance in areas of Online Sexual Exploitation of Children, missing/abducted children, child homicides, child pornography and cyberbullying.  While assigned to BAU-3, Mike deployed to several child abductions around the United States and was instrumental in helping to solve many of them.  Depending on the needs of the case and the request from the law enforcement agency, he provided investigative focus, personality assessment of suspects, interview strategies, media strategies, and unknown offender profiles to move the investigations forward. 

Mike then transferred to BAU-4 (Crimes Against Adult victims) where he provided behavioral guidance on single and serial homicides, and serial sexual assault cases.  While assisting local, state, and other Federal law enforcement agencies solve the most complex investigations of homicides and sexual assaults, he conducted detailed behavioral analysis of the crimes and provided technical expertise in personality assessments of subjects to help formulate a plan to interview/interrogate subjects and to interview witnesses; to assess written and oral statements for deception; and to formulate means to communicate with unknown offenders through the media.  He is credited with helping to solve many single and serial homicides and serial sexual assaults during his time with BAU-4.  In addition to conducting case consultations on active and cold cases for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, Mike also provided training and conducted research in those areas to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of offenders who commit violent crimes against adult victims.

Mike has been a frequent speaker to various law enforcement groups including the International Homicide Investigator’s Association (IHIA), International Association of Interviewers (IAI), Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), various state homicide investigator’s conferences, and various regional conferences related to homicide and/or sexual assault investigations.  Mike has provided training to law enforcement on the topics of Criminal profiling techniques, media strategies, Equivocal Death Analysis techniques, behavioral-based interview techniques, serial sexual assault Investigations, crime scene analysis, no body homicide investigations, Internet safety, interviewing child sex offenders, child abduction investigative techniques, infant abductions, Cyberbullying and grooming of children.



Yoder, M.L. and Koka, W.R., (February 2015). Interdiction for the protection of children. FBI

Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI: Washington, DC.


Yoder, M.L. (November 2016). No-body homicide cases: A practical approach. FBI Law

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Tricia Allen, Vice President of Background Screening and Training. As the senior manager responsible for overseeing the background screening production and training, she manages the Background Screening Department to ensure all background investigations comply with our strict accuracy and compliance protocols and are reported in compliance with the FCRA, state and federal laws. She is our lead trainer of new and existing employees to ensure compliance with constantly evolving state and federal reporting laws and procedures.  She also assists with high level or complex criminal investigations and communicates with clients to ensure proper levels of customer service and support are met. Under her leadership, the background researching team continues to deliver our clients the most accurate and verified data available from court, CJIS, and law enforcement systems, while adhering to each client’s specific requirements and standards.


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