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SecurTest and iReviewNow is committed to ensuring the security of your information, whether you are a client, consumer, applicant, employee, or authorizing a background investigation or purchase. We use SSL Certificate authentication technology using VeriSign® and GeoTrust® when you transmit information requiring encryption and security, such as when ordering or viewing any background reports.

A visible sign of security
With the increase of fraud and identity theft, online visitors have learned to look for trust signs when they transact online. A GeoTrust® True Site Seal lets you know that your information and our reports are secure and safe for transmitting or viewing across our secure encrypted channel. For your Protection, SecurTest and iReviewNow does not retain your credit card information and only uses it to process your order. Additionally, SecurTest and iReviewNow has strict policies on who is permitted to view your purchase or billing information. Your personal information is protected by SecurTest and iReviewNow's Privacy Policy. Secure Transmission of Data: When users access SecurTest and iReviewNow websites and services, all information is exchanged over an encrypted channel. This is accomplished through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and by utilizing VeriSign Secure Site and VeriSign Secure Site Pro certificates. SecurTest and iReviewNow applications encrypt all sensitive data prior to transmitting it within the SecurTest and iReviewNow network and storing in databases. Secure Hosting Environments: SecurTest and iReviewNow's websites and databases are hosted out of stateof-the-art data center facilities. Physical access to the SecurTest and iReviewNow systems requires multiple levels of authorization, including but not limited to hand geometry biometric readers, "man trap" entry, government-issued photo ID verifications, and individual access credentials. SecurTest and iReviewNow data centers are equipped with numerous surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and a sophisticated alarm system. The SecurTest and iReviewNow infrastructure resides in a secured cage, and each entire facility is monitored by dedicated security personnel on a 24x7 basis. Logical access to the SecurTest and iReviewNow environments is controlled by multiple layers of network technologies such as firewalls, routers, intrusion prevention systems, and application security appliances.
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