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STEVEN C. MILLWEE, CPP, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SecurTest, Inc., founded in 1978. In 2002, he served as President of ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security), the premier professional and certification association for security and law enforcement professionals with over 34,000 global members.

Mr. Millwee has testified as an expert witness in the fields of workplace violence, sexual harassment, negligent hiring, retention, screening and security, polygraph, and police and security procedures.

Expert Witness Categories
■ Negligent Hiring
■ Negligent Retention
■ Negligent Security
■ Security Management
■ Failure to Warn
■ Use of Force
■ Domestic Violence
■ Forensic Polygraph
■ Premises Liability
■ Negligent Supervision
■ Workplace Violence
■ Employment Screening
■ Investigation
■ Fair Credit Reporting Act
■ Fraud and Identity Theft
■ Background Screening
■ Loss Prevention
■ Interview & Interrogation
■ Human Resources
■ Tennant Screening
■ Homicide
■ Negligent Training
■ Sexual Harassment
■ Active Shooter Response

About Expert Witness Media Advisory View Steven C. Millwee's full CV (PDF)

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