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Negotiating with the Violent, Disgruntled Worker and Mitigating the Threat of Violence by Employees, Customers, Strangers, and Domestic Partners

How should you fire the violent or threatening employee without being fired upon? Murder is the number one cause of death for women in the workplace today and the third leading cause of death for all employees in the workforce. One in six violent crimes occurs in the work environment. How you respond to this “threat from within” will save lives and prevent costly litigation.

Steven C. Millwee, CPP, the author of The SecurTest System and The Threat from Within: Workplace Violence has developed a unique system of threat assessment tools and employee negotiation strategies. In over 30 years of use by corporations, there have been no incidents of violent retaliation after using We’s approach.

Crisis Management Response

  • We help you conduct an objective threat assessment of potentially violent employees.
  • We become part of your crisis management team.
  • We conduct the intervention and negotiates with the violent or threatening employee in the interview and separation phases.
  • We work with your management, HR, security, labor relations, union representatives, and legal counsel to provide solutions that protect your employees and corporate assets.
  • We provide security assessments to reduce liability of violent retaliation in the workplace.
  • We can help establish a security liaison to local law enforcement professionals.
  • We help you develop a crisis management plan to avoid workplace violence and conflict.
  • We provide management training to help your team develop conflict resolution and effective management communication skills.

  • Comprehensive Solution System

  • You make retention and separation decisions based on objective facts.
  • You practice due diligence to avoid claims of negligent retention and security.
  • You independently verify the allegations of threats or acts of violence.
  • You help create an atmosphere of zero tolerance for workplace threats or acts of violence.
  • You establish security procedures, which enhance employee cooperation to be part of the solution, not the problem.
  • You create an effective selection process that identifies violent applicants before they become your violent employees.
  • You develop a Tradition of Leadership by demonstrating that you care about your employees.

  • Get the Total Solution

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