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Threat and Risk Assessments, Security Surveys, Employment Screening, Expert Witness Solutions, and Internal Investigations

Since 1978, SecurTest has been helping employers solve its most sensitive HR, management, and security issues. Every company, corporation, and organization can benefit from having an independent investigative consultant conduct internal employee, vendor, and internal investigations. Organizations should have an independent security survey annually. If you are committed to management and security excellence, The SecurTest Security System can help you:
  • Reduce your exposure to claims of negligent security
  • Avoid claims of negligent hiring and retention of employees through FASTscreen
  • Mitigate foreseeable risks by allowing us to conduct independent security and site surveys
  • Avoid unwanted liability by establishing policies for your employees and vendors
  • Reduce employee and vendor misconduct and workplace violence
  • Improve the integrity of your work force by hiring and retaining quality employees
  • Reduce employee and vendor theft
  • Maintain consistent service levels and reference checking processes for your employees
  • Improve tenant relationships due to your commitment to security
  • Reduce turnover and the costs associated with training, supervision, and overtime
  • For your company’s unique needs:
  • Comprehensive Survey Reports are customized to meet your needs and budget.
  • Employment Questionnaire Reports are designed to maximize relevant job information in minimal time.
  • Reports are comprehensive and easy to use.
  • Learn more about Investigation Tools and Services Learn more about our Workplace Violence Prevention & Intervention Solutions

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